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This year, continue to be Strong, Fit and Healthy because YOU CAN!

I CAN Walk, So why take the bus?
I CAN climb stairs. So why take the lift?
I CAN run, so why walk?
I CAN stand, so why sit?
I CAN hear, so why not listen?


BE Strong, BE Healthy, BE Fit
Live Life because YOU CAN!


Escape Fitness is a 30-Minute Cardio and Strength training workout especially for Women. We are a small, friendly, personalised fitness centre, located in the centre of Twickenham.

Join Escape Fitness and receive 50% off the service fee.

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Childrens Birthday Parties

Our studio is the perfect venue to hold your child’s birthday party. We can provide the room, entertainer, food & cake depending on what your needs are.
Starting from £50.00
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Cheryl's Mini Movers

Tuesday Mornings 9.30am-10.15am
Cost: Single class: £6.50 or block book 4 sessions (min) £20 (£5 per session).
Under 5 years with a parent or guardian.
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A ladies only 30 minute total body workout.











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She believed she could…

so she did

The Escape:30 Circuit


Our 30-minute total body workout just for women.

Included in ALL our membership plans.


Benefits of the circuit:


  • A strength training circuit that targets every major muscle in the body helping to protect muscle tissue and preventing osteoporosis.
  • Gain muscle, burn fat with 30 second intervals.
  • Hydraulic resistance safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels
  • A circuit coach every time you exercise to motivate you, 1-1 Available.
  • Sustained target heart rate (checks every 10 minutes)
  • Unique stretching machine to complete your workout
  • Variety of different body circuit classes to choose from
  • No need to book, just turn up and join the continuous circuit.

New Studio Classes at Escape Fitness

Mini-Movers, Fundamental Pilates, Indoor Cycling, Zumba & Ballet for 3-5 yr olds.
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Limited space available

New Class
Cheryl's Mini Movers


Tuesday Mornings 9.30am-10.15am


Cost: £20 (block booking 4 classes min). Drop in: £6.50


Under 5 years with a parent or guardian.


Babies free if accompanied by an older sibling.


Cheryl’s class is a creative singing and dance class providing toddlers and their parents/guardians with a place to dance sing and have fun. Great for developing fine and gross motor skills, improving coordination and developing balance.


Booking required.


Ballet for Children

Royal Academy Dancing Instructor

Next Ballet Enrolment will commence:

Monday 6th January - Monday 10th February (6 weeks).

Cost: £54.00


New class starting for 5-6yrs olds: 4.00-4.45 pm 

3-5 year olds: 5pm-5.45pm

Fundamental Pilates 

Pilates enrolment for Beginners will commence:

Saturday 11th January - Saturday 15th February

Time: 10.45 -11.45am

Cost: £62.70.

FULL paying members: £30.00

Beginners to Improvers Pilates 

Time: Thursday 1.30pm-2.30pm
Drop in: £11.00,
Class pass: £62.70.
FULL paying members: £30.00


Monday: 9:30am - 10:15am
Friday: 12:30pm - 1.00pm
£7 (Member)
£8 (Non member)
FULL Membership: Free


Friday: 1.00pm - 1:30pm
£7 (Member)
£8 (Non member)
FULL Membership: Free

The One Minute Workout Circuit Challenge. 

A workout with a difference!

Friday (evenings) & Saturday (mornings) Spend 1 minute on each station on the circuit for 1.5 rounds for a more intensive cardio workout.
Escape Fitness Ladies only gym Twickenham

Escape:30 our 30 Min workout

Create lean muscle, raise your metabolism, burn more fat and tone your body; all in just 30 minutes. Our 30 minute workout is designed especially for you and combines strength training with cardio activity and stretching. Designed by women, for women of all ages and fitness levels.
Escape Fitness Ladies only gym Twickenham

A Personal Touch

At Escape Fitness you get a personal approach to fitness. Our team comprises of fun, dynamic ladies who love fitness. One of our coaches is always there to train and motivate you at every workout, from showing you how to do each exercise effectively to pushing you on when you just feel like giving up.
Escape Fitness Ladies only gym Twickenham

Total Support

Starting to get fit or maintaining your fitness can be a lonely process. At Escape Fitness we see exercise as a way of not only getting fit but getting out and making friends. We do not just support your exercise needs but also make sure that being part of Escape Fitness is fun and sociable too.

Join Escape Fitness

Varying membership plans available including PAYG, student, mother-daughter, and 3-month memberships. Book an appointment to come and speak to one of our team to go through what option would suit you best.